Receiving an early chance to be exposed to a career can be advantageous for anyone who wants to see where their education can take them. It can even take an individual on a new trajectory when they receive certain exposure. This opportunity can be a breakthrough moment for many people who are still undecided about which major to study, making sure that the major chosen is the right fit for them, or just want to receive real world experience in any particular field. We look to assist students in multiple ways to land an internship or entry level positions. 



We cover a wide range of essential topics to help our pre profressionals through out their transition into the workforce. THE WORKS is your one stop shop that will fill you in on the latest trends, advice, and information for your career development


It is crucial that your prepare yourself for your future career. We provide our students with services that will put them in a position to succeed.

  • Resume and Cover Letter Revisions - We take the time to make certain the resume and cover letter is an actual depiction of you. Working with you to uncover the talents, skills, and competencies that you possess to show employers that you are qualified to take on new responsibilities and challenges. SUBMIT RESUME AND COVER LETTER HERE
  • Opportunity Search - By subscribing to our website, not will you only have updates on the newest trends and news delivered to your inbox, but we will be providing you with opportunities that will take your career to the next level. Use our events calendar as a tool to help you find seminars and workshops to ease your transition into employment.