At What Now Works, keeping our ear to the ground is key in finding new connections ready to adapt to the new paradigm of business. By offering resume critique services at job fairs, attending seminars and workshops, we are able to stay up to date and learn more about the problems both job seekers and employers are facing. We keep our community current on new trends in the workforce, provide career development tips and resources.




While obtaining his B.A. in Psychology from CUNY City College of New York, Derrick was faced with an issue many students go through today of not knowing what to do after college. During his time in school, he realized that he had an interest in Industrial Organizational Psychology which led him to take an internship in human resources. After his internship was over, he was then offered a job in a career he knew he had a passion for. His experience at the internship was the catalyst he needed to get a better sense of how we can apply his skills to the workforce. Due to his internship, he knew that there are still students out there struggling and need help adjusting to employer demands. Derrick decided that it was his calling to help students and job seekers that were in his shoes years ago with effective strategies to use when searching and starting their career. What Now Works was founded with a mission to bring job seekers and businesses together and adapt to the new paradigm of business. He prides himself on establishing cohesive relationships with employers to help them reach their recruitment and onboarding goals, while assisting job seekers with services dedicated to helping then transition into a new role. 


Derrick Stroman/Founder