What Now Works was founded in Brooklyn, New York to bring students and businesses together and adjust to the new paradigm of business. College students are graduating anticipating an easy transition to the workforce, but are missing essential skills employers are seeking. I pride myself on establishing the early interaction to alleviate the sourcing, selection, and retention problem employers are facing. By joining employers and ambitious recent graduates I plan to rebuild and strengthen the connection between the job market and employer demands.




While obtaining his B.A. in Psychology from CUNY City College of New York, Derrick was faced with the same issue many students go through today of not knowing what to do after college. During his time in school, he realized that he had an interest in Industrial Organizational Psychology which lead him to an internship in human resources. After his internship was over, he was then offered a job in a career he knew he had a passion for. His experience at the internship was the key he needed to know where we wanted to go and what he wanted to do. Due to his internship, he knew that there are still students out there  struggling and need help. Derrick decided that it was his calling to help students that were in his shoes years ago in finding not only an internship but also their dream job.

Derrick Stroman/Founder