The paradigm of business is changing rapidly while finding and retaining talent has been a top priority for all employers. Recruitment is an essential function of any business that is crucial to its success. New emerging job seekers are reinventing themselves in ways to connect with top employers and begin their career. Using our services will assist you in bringing in top talent while saving you valuable time and resources.


Our recruitment processing outsourcing solutions are designed to work with you on partial or all parts of your recruiting process. We structure catered strategies that will boost efficiency in your process and ensure that you have quality candidates. Going beyond our services and looking at the bigger picture to create a reliable talent pipeline, will lead to you reaching your retention and onboarding goals. We have a simplified plan to achieving this objective:



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Talent Acquisition Consulting Services

* Job Analysis

* Screening & Selection

* Interviewing & Assessment

* Candidate Onboarding

* Talent Access


The Bigger Picture

It's key for your organization to have an effective talent management plan in place that starts from the application all the way to the onboarding process. Evaluating your recruitment procedure in house and online will allow us to assessing your strategy and offer solutions. Already have a talent acquisition team in place? Ask about the trainings we offer making sure our clients are hiring smarter and efficiently.

Flex Plan

Partial Cycle Talent Services

$45 / HOUR

Our point of service model gives our clients the choice to select which part(s) of the talent acqusition process we can assist in.

Complete Plan

Full Cycle Talent Services

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Our enterprise model handles the recruitment process in its entirety for our clients so they can focus on growing their business.


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