Whether you’ve received your college degree or graduation is near, life after school has been something to think about. The thoughts of confusion, curiosity, and uncertainty are most often encountered. You may be confused on how your education can lead to your potential profession, curious as to what field of your major is best suited for you, and uncertainty on how to launch your career is notoriously known among  your peers. When faced with all these thoughts, what do you think to yourself


Taking internships provides a sense of direction and clarity to your career path. The practical experience received is an investment that will prove to  be beneficial to you . Professions are becoming more and more competitive due to the high demand for qualified workers. The skills acquired from internships will enhance your professional development while making an easier transition into your chosen career.

We are dedicated to  alleviating the stress of the situation by pairing you with internships that suit your needs as a student. What Now specializes  in recruiting techniques  that suit the needs of  our various clients. Presenting the opportunity to establish connections with actual professionals in your chosen field. Allow the chance to more acquainted by clicking the link below to complete a  brief